The internet has impacted human connections and relationships, even more now with the pandemic of covid-19, having to quarantine and social distancing. The pandemic effected and is still effecting the amount of human to human interactions throughout the day causing people to communicate through social media apps. Social media usage has grown to an all time high due to the amount of hours people use their phones to communicate through apps. The internet has also grew greatly for businesses in areas, such as marketing. The spread of covid-19 not allowing face to face interaction made businesses use apps like zoom to hold large group meetings. Zoom was a small unknown app that’s usage took off during the pandemic. A lot of people where cause to do online schooling because of covid-19 which zoom was also the app used for. The year 2020 had an outbreaking year with the usage of the internet and social media. A big part of that usage went to apps such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. Being in a time where social distance is preached time goes in to apps such as these for entertainment to people. To watch the shows and movies during a time where going out seems forbidden. Although there are many who dislike the change and the evolving usage of the internet, but there are many who are finding new ways to communicate, connected, and for entertainment.

Technology has made thing more simple, I think this experience of the pandemic and having to do everything through the internet has shown us not everything has to be face to face. Taking hour flight for business meeting might take attendance on zoom with the how simple the app is to be used. As said in the article “How the internet has changed everyday life”. “ The Internet is the tool we use to interact with one another.” The internet was first made to help people communicate with one another. But now in 2021 the usage of the internet has expand to much more and has become a resource for a lot of things.